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  • Immediate on completion of Registration, You will receive GST Invoice & Login User ID & Password Details to Your Email.
  • Login to Job Portal & Upload Your Updated Resume / Profile.
  • You Will be Visible & Accessed by 1000’s of CORE HR’s Across India in Our Job Portal.
  • You Can Choose and Apply according to your Preference to the Job Notifications Received in Your Login / Email.
  • Think Smart – Utilize this opportunity to Achieve your Set CORE Career.
  • Have you ever tried reaching out Core Industries?
  • How Many Core Industries have you visited / tried for your career till now?
  • As an Individual Engineer your possibilities of direct reach out to the Core Industries or Core Industry HR is restricted
  • is a dedicated Job Portal For Engineers & CORE Sectors, makes it easy for you to reach your desired CORE Sectors.

  • The Only Way to Get Connected to CORE SECTORS is Through CORE HR’s
  • Core Sectors are in Need of Engineers
  • Engineers are in Need of CORE Job
  • Both Engineers & CORE HR’s are Connected in Our Job Portal
  • Think Smart – Your Profile is accessed by 1000’s of CORE HR’s in Our Job Portal – Thus You Achieve your Set CORE Career.

  • All Core Industries across India are in need of GET (Graduate Engineer Trainee) for their entry level positions
  • The Core Industries will recruit fresh Engineers for GET (Graduate Engineer Trainee) position and it happens throughout the year in all Industries.
  • Fresh Engineers due to lack of awareness and lack of guidance miss their opportunity entering the Core Industries

CONNECT2COREHR.COM is a dedicated medium which connects the Fresh Engineers to the CORE Industries HR for the GET Positions.

  • Looking for a Change in CORE SECTOR
    Wanted to switch from the current employed Core sector to a different core sector then this will help you to get connect with HR of other Core sectors and switch over to your desired Core Sector.
  • Looking for a Upgrade in your current Core Sector?
    Every CORE Sector is keen in Talent hunt based on the professional experience, Hence this will again connect you to switch to the next level of companies of same sector of your employment.
  • On completion of Registration the user will receive the userid and password via SMS/Email .
  • On receipt of the user id & Password , sign in to the connect user login available in the home page of CONNECT2COREHR.COM and Update / Edit your profile.
  • Sign in to the ConnectUser Login using the userid and password received via sms/email upon completion of Registration and upload your updated resume.
  • CONNECT2COREHR.COM is the only one and dedicated unique platform which connects the Engineer to their Core destiny. CONNECT2COREHR.COM charges only a meager amount to its users, this is to create an seriousness among the Engineers about their career in CORE Sectors for which they have dreamt for and not to deviate from their career path.
  • To Reset and Change password sign in to Connect user login and go to settings and select appropriate option.
  • Yes, You will get a GST Invoice for your Registration to your Email or in Your User Registration Page where you can take a Print Out Of the Same for your reference.
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